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Import/export of rice germplasm

Contributors to this page: IRRI, Seed Health Unit, Los Banos, Philippines(Patria Gonzales, Evangeline Gonzales, Carlos Huelma, Myra Almodiel, Joel Dumlao).

Rice is a crop under the mandate of IRRI. It is very important to remember that an International Phytosanitary Certificate is always required for any plant germplasm exchange.

The requirements of countries that request and receive seed from IRRI Headquarters located in Philippines have been collected from the permits granted to IRRI for exportation of rice experimental seed. It indicates specific requirements (July 2009) and the pathogens and pests that seed should be free of when it is imported to a given country. Additional information on documents required  by IRRI Seed Health Unit in compliance with the Philippine Plant Quarantine Service and IRRI’s Intellectual Property Rights for germplasm and Non-seed biological materials are provided.  The host country requirements for importing rice seed to the Philippines  are also provided. Non-seed biological materials for import are also regulated by the government of Philippines.

Please consider that:

  • The information received from the same country may vary from one  permit to another; therefore the latest has been considered the valid one.
  • It is always advisable before sending a shipment to contact the consignee in the recipient country to confirm the information reported in this table.

Flowcharts for import and export can be seen at the links below:

The Germplasm Import flowchart in place for import at the Seed Health Unit (SHU)

The Germplasm Export flowchart in place for export at the Seed Health Unit (SHU)

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