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Term Definition

Meters above sea level

Mantel test

A test that computes the linear correlation between two proximity matrices (dissimilarity or similarity) used in phenetics to test whether results from different analyses of the same taxa are similar or different.

Mapped markers

Molecular markers with known chromosomal locations.


An identifiable physical location on a chromosome whose inheritance can be monitored (e.g. gene

Marker index

A way to assess the comparative degree of information provided by different molecular marker systems as assessed by the product of heterozygosity and multiplex ratio.

Mass maturity

The stage in development at which seeds attain maximum dry weight.

Mating system

The pattern of mating between individuals of a population

Maximum likelihood

A set of methods used to construct cladograms based on certain evolutionary models of character state changes (see Bayesian analysis parsimony).

Medium-term conservation

The storage of germplasm in the medium-term such as in active and working collections it is generally assumed that little loss of viability will occur for approximately ten years. Medium-term conservation takes place at temperatures between 0??C and 10??C.


Musa Germplasm Information System (website)

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Sources for this glossary: IPGRI Tech. Bulletin 10: Molecular markers for genebank management and Seed handling in genebanks training course
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