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Term Definition

A group that includes an ancestral species and all of its descendants.

Morphological Species Concept

A philosophy and set of methods that define species entirely on morphological or anatomical characters.

Most original sample

(MOS) A sample of seeds that have undergone the lowest number of regenerations since the material was acquired by the genebank as recommended for storage as a base collection. It may be a sub-sample of the original seed lot or a seed sample from the first regeneration cycle if the original seed lot required regeneration before storage.


Memorandum of Understanding


Messenger RNA.

Multiple alleles

The existence of several known alleles of a gene.

Multiple Arbitrary Amplicon Profiling

(MAAP) A collective term for techniques using single arbitrary primers such as AP-PCR DAF and RAPD.

Multiplex ratio

A measure of the number of bands simultaneously analyzed per DNA marker assay (experiment) that is the number of bands resolved on a particular gel.


The representative sample of an accession grown to multiply the quantity of conserved material for distribution.


The term to describe an abrupt change of phenotype that is inherited. Any permanent and heritable change in DNA sequence. Types of mutations include point mutations

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Sources for this glossary: IPGRI Tech. Bulletin 10: Molecular markers for genebank management and Seed handling in genebanks training course
Glossary open source software by M. Brampton

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