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Term Definition

Characters that have arisen as a result of gene duplication.


A non-monophyletic group containing some but not all representatives of a taxon said another way an incomplete group of descendants from one common ancestor with one or more descendants missing.


A set of methods that assumes that the simplest solution is the most likely one. It is used to construct cladograms, and assumes that minimizing the number of character state changes on a tree is the best approximation of phylogenetic history. (see Bayesian analysis, maximum likelihood).

Passport data

Basic information about the origin of an accession such as details recorded at the collecting site pedigree or other relevant information that assists in the identification of an accession.


A living micro-organism such as a virus bacterium or fungus that causes disease in another organism.


The record of the ancestry of a genetic line or variety.


An organism regarded as injurious or harmful.


A branch of biology that determines overall similarity of organisms not evolutionary relationships (see cladistics).


A branching tree of individuals or taxa based on phenetics.


The external appearance of a plant that results from the interaction of its genetic composition (genotype) with the environment.

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Sources for this glossary: IPGRI Tech. Bulletin 10: Molecular markers for genebank management and Seed handling in genebanks training course
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