Ecogeographic Surveys

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Ecogeographic Survey course

This module discusses Ecogeographic studies against the background of global genetic erosion. The use of ecogeographic data in conservation activities is emphasized with an example given of planning collecting missions.

You can find examples of ecogeographic surveys and their application in plant genetic resources including:

  • the three phases of an ecogeographic survey
  • lists the types of geographical, ecological and taxonomic data which are collected in an ecogeographic survey
  • identifies problems commonly encountered when recording and analysing ecogeographic data
  • reviews the different statistical and graphical methods available for analyzing and displaying ecogeographic data
  • lists the contents of an ecogeographic conspectus and report
  • summaries the criteria used in setting conservation priorities.

The module includes lecture support notes, slides (PDF), assessment questions and references.




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