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*The Threat of Genetic Erosion
*A Definition
*Ecogeographic Surveys and Conservation
*Ecogeographic Surveys: a Methodology
Phase 1 - Project Design
*Project Commissioning
*Selection of a Specialist
*Selection of Target Taxonomy
*Delimitation of the Target Area
*Identification of Taxonomic Collections
Phase 2 - Data Collection and Analysis
*Assess Current Conservation Activities
*Problems in Interpreting Data
*Survey of Geographical, Ecological and Taxonomic Data
*Collection of Specimen-Specific Data
*Problems with Data Collection
*Data Verification
*Data Analysis
*Tables and Bar Charts
*Multivariate Statistical Analysis
*Geographic Information Systems
Phase 3 - Product Preparation
*Data Synthesis
*Ecogeographic Conspectus
*Ecogeographic Report

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